**Rejoice Tardigrade Fans!**

This is the dopest pin celebrating the coolest creature in the universe!

Tardigrades (also known as water bears or moss piglets) are a phylum of water-dwelling eight-legged segmented micro-animals. They have been found everywhere, from mountaintops to the deep sea and mud volcanoes, and from tropical rainforests to the Antarctic. Tardigrades are among the most resilient animals known, with individual species able to survive extreme conditions—such as exposure to extreme temperatures, extreme pressures (both high and low), air deprivation, radiation, dehydration, and starvation—that would quickly kill most other known forms of life. They have even survived exposure to outer space!

This design is inspired by Native American symbolism and the arrow is called the lifeline or heart line. It begins at the mouth where breath gives life and points to the soul (spirit) where faith and inner strength preside.

  • High quality secure silver backing
  • Metals: Sterling Silver
  • Height: 0.75 inches / Width: 1.25 inches (Allow for small margin of error on measurements)